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Lately we’ve been receiving lots of inquiries about QR Codes; specifically what are they, are they a fad, how can they benefit my business, and how do I get started?

Well, first thing’s first – what is a QR Code? QR stands for “Quick Response” and these square bar codes are utilized when scanned by a QR Code Reader on any modern smart phone. When the code is scanned the QR Code is able to tell the phone a variety of actions; visit a website, store contact info, call a number, send text to a number, and so forth.
The next question is, are QR Codes a fad? In marketing there are many fads, but neverless marketers will try them. QR codes have been proven vastly popular worldwide, especially in Asia. They are just starting to pick up pace in the United States. If you take a look at Google Trends you will notice a large increase in curiosity in QR Codes. Today, you will see major brands utilizing QR Codes in their advertising campaigns; Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Tesla, Living Social, Macy’s and so forth.

So, now the question is how will QR Codes benefit my business and how do I get started? Although the verdict on if QR Codes will benefit your specific business is still out, they certainly won’t hurt and if anything will serve as an ice breaker. There are many ads running with QR Codes with the theme, “If you know, you know.” What they’re saying is those who know how QR Codes work, will use QR Codes – those who don’t, will eventually. It’s always better to be a market leader rather then a market follower.

We’ve integrated QR Codes into many of our products already. You’ll find them automatically generated through your eAgent Broker and Agent platforms, as well as eFlyersPro marketing flyers. These specific QR Codes will direct traffic to a predetermined URL which hosts additional information, or a vcard with our client’s information embedded. These are just two uses for QR codes.

If you’re interested in how QR Codes can work for your business, contact us today and we’ll connect you with your target market.


QR Code Reader for iPhones

QR Code Reader for Blackberry

QR Code Reader for Android

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