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We’re consistently improving and adding tools to simplify your social media needs. This is why it is important that we always appreciate your suggestions, comments, reviews, praise, rants, and simple Thank Yous.

Although we have always allowed you to use your Blog as a custom RSS source feed, we launched both the Blogger and WordPress APIs earlier this week which will now allow you to use to post to your blog. Essentially turning your Blog to auto pilot, or create a solid foundation of regularity and relevant content.


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4 Responses to Publish to your Blog!!!

  1. Chris Garcia says:

    What exactly will be posted to my wordpress blog? Please contact me and walk me through this. I am ready to spread the word to all the realtors in my county but need some answers first.

    • Wallace says:

      Hey Chris, apologies for my delayed reply. It depends on how the account is configured. eSocialPro pulls from a selection of RSS feeds, the quality of the content directly relates the the quality of the posts on the RSS feeds. Companies are also able to control what feeds their employees are able to post to their social media and blog profiles.

  2. Nice! I would like to know how to select the articles before they are publised on my blog. Does it complicate things to both post on Blogger (and have the feed flow to e-social pro, then to LinkedIn and FB), and post from e-social pro TO blogger? Is it easy to control?
    Thanks, Francis

    • Wallace says:

      Hi Francis -

      eSocialPro is designed to create a foundation for your social media campaigns, it ensures that your presence is seen by your social equity. You can select articles through the schedule tool however after speaking with my engineering team it is not practical. The system is designed to pull current content on a real time basis – meaning depending on how your sources is set up, and when you edit your content schedule, if a source is updated it will have a domino effect on your entire content stream.

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