QR Codes

Lately we’ve been receiving lots of inquiries about QR Codes; specifically what are they, are they a fad, how can they benefit my business, and how do I get started?

Well, first thing’s first – what is a QR Code? QR stands for “Quick Response” and these square bar codes are utilized when scanned by a QR Code Reader on any modern smart phone. When the code is scanned the QR Code is able to tell the phone a variety of actions; visit a website, store contact info, call a number, send text to a number, and so forth.
The next question is, are QR Codes a fad? In marketing there are many fads, but neverless marketers will try them. QR codes have been proven vastly popular worldwide, especially in Asia. They are just starting to pick up pace in the United States. If you take a look at Google Trends you will notice a large increase in curiosity in QR Codes. Today, you will see major brands utilizing QR Codes in their advertising campaigns; Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Tesla, Living Social, Macy’s and so forth.

So, now the question is how will QR Codes benefit my business and how do I get started? Although the verdict on if QR Codes will benefit your specific business is still out, they certainly won’t hurt and if anything will serve as an ice breaker. There are many ads running with QR Codes with the theme, “If you know, you know.” What they’re saying is those who know how QR Codes work, will use QR Codes – those who don’t, will eventually. It’s always better to be a market leader rather then a market follower.

We’ve integrated QR Codes into many of our products already. You’ll find them automatically generated through your eAgent Broker and Agent platforms, as well as eFlyersPro marketing flyers. These specific QR Codes will direct traffic to a predetermined URL which hosts additional information, or a vcard with our client’s information embedded. These are just two uses for QR codes.

If you’re interested in how QR Codes can work for your business, contact us today and we’ll connect you with your target market.


QR Code Reader for iPhones

QR Code Reader for Blackberry

QR Code Reader for Android

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Publish to your Blog!!!

We’re consistently improving and adding tools to simplify your social media needs. This is why it is important that we always appreciate your suggestions, comments, reviews, praise, rants, and simple Thank Yous.

Although we have always allowed you to use your Blog as a custom RSS source feed, we launched both the Blogger and WordPress APIs earlier this week which will now allow you to use eSocialPro.com to post to your blog. Essentially turning your Blog to auto pilot, or create a solid foundation of regularity and relevant content.


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Localized RSS Feeds

Often I receive questions about aggregating hyperlocal content. In eSocialPro.com we have pre-selected many “sources” for subscribers to generate content from, but I have always highly suggested that subscribers pull custom content from custom “sources.”

Patch.com aggregates hyper local blog and news traffic to an easy to view interface, as well as an RSS feed. If Patch.com services your area you will be able to pull the RSS feed for the geographical location you service and plug it in as a custom eSocialPro.com source feed. Once this happens it will pull these hyper local Patch.com articles and automatically post them up to your connected social media networks, which by the way, we support Blogger and WordPress APIs now.

Check out how Pat Kalish of Intero Real Estate (Menlo Park) has pulled Patch.com’s Menlo Park RSS feed and styled it to fit in her website.


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What Is LinkedIn?

Just what is LinkedIn and why should you be on it? I thought the marketing department over at LinkedIn did a great job presenting it visually. Check it out and let us know what you think.

eSocialPro.com allows you to automatically feed content into your LinkedIn profile to keep your information up to date and relevant with your network. If you manually update a personal or professional focused blog we recommend connecting this RSS feed to your LinkedIn profile. This will allow your network to see just what you’ve been up to. Where you are and what you’ve been doing right through your LinkedIn status updates!


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Search Twitter Trends

Often I come across the question, “How do we search in Twitter?”

Here’s how, and you want to bookmark this: http://search.twitter.com/

This page will allow you to search for trending topics in Twitter in Real Time! Whether you’re searching for the top trending topics, at the moment it’s; Justin Biebber, Mumford & Sons, and Nicky Byrne. Or if you’re searching for your own business such as”Baynet“, or your specific neighborhood:”Palo Alto“, or a combination of queries such as: “Sushi Restaurant San Francisco“.

Either way, you want to search for trending topics relevant to your business and follow those who are fans of what you do. You should also be responding back to them with the @tags. Which I’ll explain in an upcoming post.


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What the New Facebook Page Layout Means for You.

With the updated Facebook Pages last week we’ve experienced a flood of questions inquiring what these updates mean, and how they effect the way our subscribers interact with their fanbase.

In short, the pages change reflected the Facebook Profile change that happened earlier this year to every Facebook Personal Profile. The changes are designed to increase interaction, increase the personal aspect, and increase ‘flow.’ Like them or Hate them, they’re here to stay…or as long as until Facebook decides to update Pages again. With this said, here are a few things you should continue to do to maintain an active presence on Facebook Pages.

1. Remain Relevant – Because you are now allowed to post onto other pages, resist the urge to over-post and only post on pages where relevant. Once Facebook classifies you as a spammer, you stand to lose your account all together – for good.

2. Remember Your Own Wall – While posting on other pages may be fun and exciting, don’t forget you run your own page with your own fans as well. Remember to keep their interest, and maintain an active presence.

3. Start Integrating Media – The new Page layout highlights photos, and videos much more then the past layout. It keeps a stream of chronological photos that you have captured to create movement on your page. Keep the media fresh, and entice your fans with a consistent fresh stream of media.


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eSocialPro and Your Facebook Fanpage

eSocialPro is able to not just update your social media spheres, but also update your individual Facebook Fanpages. With this ability it is important to understand just what a Fanpage is and why if you’re serious about your business you should have one.

A Facebook Fanpage is more then just an informative page of which you can have your friends, associates, and clients *like*, but a place where you are able to offer incentives, capture feedback, testimonials, forecast trends, and really get to understand your target clients. Who they are, where they live, what they like about your business, and how to better position yourself to capitalize on them.

After you figure out what your target audience is, and wants create a campaign through your eSocialPro.com account to touch them. Pull in RSS feeds, and select sources with the greatest match ratio then filter that further by keywords to ensure the articles pulled through eSocialPro are a match for your fans. This could be as simple as pulling from your own personal blog, or pulling from other news sources such as Forbes, but with the tags “Atherton” “Palo Alto” “Woodside” if you run a finance business centered in the greater Palo Alto market.

eSocialPro.com ensures that you will maintian regular contact with regular content through your Facebook Fanpage. While others are scrambling to write articles, update posts, and find posts eSocialPro.com will source these articles automatically for you so you are able to concentrate on your actual business.


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